Valentine’s Day Wish List 2018

How is Valentine’s Day only a month away? I feel like 2017 just ended and we’re already making our way through January. I decided to put together a Valentine’s Day wish list so that you can get some ideas on what to ask for this year or you can use it as a Valentine’s Day gift guide! These are the items that I am putting on my wish list for Valentine’s Day and maybe you’ll find something that you may want as well! Just in case you don’t know, all photos are clickable for easy shopping!

**Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended.

Valentine’s Day Wish List 2018

1. Does anyone else feel slightly more put together when their belongings look put together? I feel like this iPhone case is like a “grown-up” case but is still very cute. I don’t know why but it just reminds me of that. As an attempt to seem more put together, I would love to have this marble iPhone case for my phone!

2. Since it is almost February, that means it is almost Spring and that means it’s almost time for cute sandals. I have been needing some new basic sandals that will go with everything. These Sam Edelman sandals are just that and I would honestly love to have these in both the Oatmeal Suede and Black suede colors!

3. You can never have too many Tory Burch shoes. I think I say that a little too often but I really do think its true. I got my first pair of TB espadrilles last year and they are honestly so great! My closet could definitely use a second pair!

4. Since I’ll be trying to work out more this year (more info on that here), I think a new pair of leggings to work out in are in order. I first fell in love with Tory Burch’s chevron leggings when they first came out and I haven’t found another pair like them. The chevron leggings that are navy and red are what I’ve been eyeing for the longest and I think it’s time for them to make their way into my closet!

5. My current laptop case is pink and I think its time for a change because I’ve had the same case for 8 years! Like I mentioned before, the marble look just gives a more adult feel and I love how sophisticated it looks!

6. My Instagram stories are filled with me wearing the same Patagonia sweater over and over again. Let’s just say I’m slightly obsessed with it. I thought putting a black Patagonia sweater on my Valentine’s Day wish list would be great because I can alternate sweaters. You won’t have to see the same old sweater as often if I’m gifted this one. You’re welcome. But seriously, Patagonia sweaters are so comfy!

7. Wondering what you need that is a closet staple? Black pumps are a must. I’ve had the same black pumps for years and honestly they are not very comfortable. It’s time to get some nicer pumps and I really love the black suede pumps by Sam Edelman. I’m more of a suede than leather type of girl and these pumps would fit perfect with my wardrobe.

8. Y’all, this dress is just SO cute! I love the embroidery it has on it and the color is just so beautiful! This dress is perfect for the Spring season that isn’t too far away!

9. Another thing I’ve been obsessed with is distressed jeans and high-waisted jeans. These Levi’s have both qualities and I want them SO bad! Since Winter should be ending soon, these distressed jeans (in ‘rough day’) will be great for Spring because you won’t have to worry about your legs getting too cold from the distressed parts!

10. Lastly, I have been wanting a cute mini skirt. I’ve never though skirts looked good on me but it’s been a VERY long time since I’ve tried any on so maybe they might look okay on me now? Either way, this faux-leather mini skirt caught my eye and I have already thought of all the different ways I could style it!

I hope this post gave you some gift-giving or wish list inspo for yourself! Will you be adding any of these items to your wish list? If so, let me know which ones below!

Much Love,