Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Every Day Wear Favorites

As you probably have already heard, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full effect for Nordstrom card holders. If you’re not a card holder like me, the sale opens to the public this Friday, July 21! Although I am back to being a broke college student, I wanted to share my favorite picks from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because this year’s sale is just AMAZING!

What is so great about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

If you’ve never heard of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, then you have been missing out! It’s an AWESOME sale because instead of putting old styles on sale, they actually put the new styles for the following season on sale! I repeat, THEY PUT THE NEW STYLES OF THE NEXT SEASON ON SALE! I mean, how amazing is that?! After August 6th, all of theses prices will go back up to normal prices so make sure to shop before its too late!

Just so you know, this sale is very popular so items do go fast! If you have the money, you can buy what you want in multiple sizes (if you don’t know your size in that brand) and return what doesn’t fit because chances are, the items will sell out! Lastly, don’t get discouraged if the item you want is sold out because many people are returning items that don’t fit so keep checking back on that product!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017


Alright y’all, I really tried to cut this list down for you so that you won’t be looking through so many products, but there really is so many great deals, that I did the best I could!

Every Day Wear Favorites

#1. I own one pair of AG jeans and they are literally THE BEST jeans in the entire world! I only own one pair because they definitely do not come cheap. I’ve heard that these jeans do last you forever though so I am willing to spend the money on them! Every time the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on, I know that this brand will have a couple of items on sale! Also, I don’t know what it is about these jeans but they make you look SO flattering! Once the sale goes live to the public, these AG Skinny Jeans are what I am going for first!

#2. Now is definitely the time to stock up on sweaters! This sweater by BP is very cheap (less than $25) and just looks so comfortable! It also comes in other colors so make sure you take a look at this one because it will be perfect for fall!

#3. There are so many pairs of jeans on this list because I am in dire need of some new jeans! I’ve actually never owned a pair of Rag & Bone jeans because they also cost more than I ever thought I would need to spend on a pair of jeans. But, these are on major sale and I love a good pair of dark wash skinny jeans! Also, I have been wanting some high-waisted skinny jeans and these are high-waisted!

#4. I have been wanting a leather or pleather moto jacket for the longest time! They are so easy to layer for fall and I never bought one because they were typically over $100 if they were decent quality. Well guess what, this moto jacket is actually a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it is less than $65!

#5. These jeans are from the brand PAIGE and I also don’t own pair of this brand for the same reason as listed above. I have also heard amazing things about this brand and I had to put these jeans of my favorites list because it is less than $100! A good pair of jeans for less than $100, is something I don’t see often! Plus, they’re dark-washed, high-waisted, skinny jeans that are almost 50% off! You can’t go wrong with that!

#6. Another BP item made it onto the list because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just brings their awesome prices even more down! This long cardigan is less than $32 and would be great to layer for fall! It also comes in a variety of colors. This item is definitely going to sale fast because it’s so cheap, so get your hands on it before it is too late!

#7 & #8. These two items are the final BP items on this list and it is a fall staple! They are the exact same shirt but I wanted to show you the two colors I really want for fall! It is less than $20, comfy, and also great for layering! This item has been flying off the shelves! So, if you are looking for a long-sleeve tee that you will literally use every week, get it NOW!

#9. Y’all have got to see the back of this Topshop sweater! It is super cute and would be perfect for fall! The sleeves are flared, which makes it even more on trend! I really like this sweater and I think you would too so make sure you take a look at it!

#10. I literally lived in my Patagonia Sweater all Winter and even into Spring when Texas would have random chilly days! I LOVE Patagonia and think their products are made so well. Although this sweater is slightly over $100, I love that it is navy and quilted and want it so bad! If you’re in need of a pullover sweater that it made of great material, you need to check this one out!

#11. I had to put these Joe’s jeans on my list because they are also less than $100 like the other ones. This brand is another brand that I have heard great things about and would like to try! Skinny jeans, check! Dark-washed, check!

#12. I have always wanted a quilted vest but would only find them fore more than $100. This quilted vest would look perfect paired up with Tory Burch riding boots and are less than $80! I also love that it is navy! Can you tell I love the color navy?!

#13. This sweater actually reminds me of a Free People sweater I wore in this post. Although it’s not Free People, the price tag is a lot lower and I love the maroon color it comes in! I love to wear maroon in Fall and this sweater would be perfect!

#14. Okay, these are the last pair of jeans that made it onto my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale favorites list and they are less than $60! I’ve actually never heard of the Kut from the Kloth brand but I am willing to try them for a pair of jeans less than $60!! These are also skinny, dark-washed jeans so they definitely make the cut for the style I am looking for!

#15. Speaking of the color maroon, this dress is another perfect item for Fall! I can just imagine how adorable it would look with a  great pair of booties and with a moto jacket or a utility jacket. Either way, this dress is too cute to turn down and even comes in a floral print!

#16. This halter tank is too cute not to get and is very versatile! You can literally use it for all the seasons which I love about it! It can be worn alone in the Summer, with a jacket in the Fall and Winter, and with a cardigan in the Spring! You can’t ever go wrong with a staple piece like this one!

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I hope you understand the excitement around the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because being able to shop new products for the following season that are on sale is unheard of! So don’t miss out on this! I hope you liked my picks and I would love to read about what your favorites were from the sale! Please leave a comment with your favorites!

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