Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Accessories, Shoes, and Workout Wear

First off, if you haven’t seen my initial post about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it contains details about the wonderful sale and my favorite everyday wear clothing that’s a part of the sale! In today’s post, I compiled a list of my favorite accessories, shoes, and workout wear from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017


All of the following items caught my eye while looking throughout the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and are priced so well! I thought these accessories and shoes would be perfect for Fall!

Accessories & Shoes

#1. If you don’t know already, I love Kendra Scott! Her jewelry is so beautiful and very well made. This pendant necklace was too cute to just scroll past and it would go so well without a lot of the items I picked out in my everyday wear favorites Nordstrom Anniversary post! I used to never spend more than $10 on pieces of jewelry, but Kendra Scott has become an exception!

#2. I LOVE this suede clutch! I love the color because it is so versatile and then, it is suede! I’m not sure what is is, but there is just something about suede that makes me love it! This suede clutch would go perfect with so many Fall outfits, especially the pumps I am linking further down!

#3. A girl can never have too much Kendra Scott, amiright? Well that’s what I think! I love these drop earrings by Kendra Scott because of the design on them and they’re big enough so that you can still see them if you were to wear your hair down with them! Plus, they’re just under $40, which is great for a piece from Kendra Scott’s collection.

#4. A fall outfit needs to have a great accessory like a plaid scarf! I love to wear scarves with outfits because it changes up the original look! These beautiful Treasure & Bond plaid scarf  made it onto to this list for that exact reason!

#5. This scarf is also from Treasure & Bond AND its plaid but it contains more red! So, I had to include this one as well! It’s perfect to wear around Christmas time!

#6. When it comes down to accessories, I believe that Kate Spade has got that department down! Every single accessory they sell is girly and sophisticated! I love their products and so I had to put these Kate Spade sunglasses  on the list because they’re too adorable!

#7. I guess I should have warned you that plaid scarves are kind of my thing for the Fall/Winter! I just love plaid scarves and this scarf is no different! I love the burgundy and yellow in this Shiraleah square scarf! This brand also has another scarf that didn’t make it onto this list but that is a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The scarf is a lighter color and is also priced very well!

#8. I was so happy when I saw that these pumps from Sam Edelman were a part of the sale because Sam Edelman makes great products at a great price! I actually own some pumps that are similar to these that I had linked onto my Valentine’s Day Wish List post earlier this year. Since I already have those pumps, I won’t be getting these because they are so similar, but if I didn’t, they would definitely be in my shopping cart! I love how they’re made of calf hair and really do feel like expensive shoes (but they’re not)!

#9. I literally saved the best for last in this section! If you have always wanted a pair of Tory Burch riding boots, now is the time to get these! They actually come in an almond color too. I didn’t add the almond colored ones to my list, because I already have some in a darker brown from Tory Burch and I REALLY want some black ones! Although it is still a hefty price tag, they are never this low in price! So grab your boyfriend, significant other, or parent if your birthday is coming up so that you can convince them to by these for your birthday! Honestly, I would even ask to get these as an early Christmas present if your birthday has already passed. Better yet, just #treatyoself. But, make sure to act fact because these will be most likely be a sold out item!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Workout Wear & PJ’s

I haven’t bought new workout gear in years! If I do buy something, it’s usually one thing here and there. Or sometimes, my mom even goes and find some good nike workout wear at thrift stores and will bring those to me. I always think getting new workout gear is always a good inspiration to get out and exercise so I wanted to include some workout gear in this part along with a set of PJ’s! #Balance 

Since I usually don’t spend much money on workout gear, I knew the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale would be a great place to shop for some cheaper items!

#1. Usually, I use and abuse my running shoes until they are no longer wearable out in public. So, it is definitely time for some new running shoes and these Nike running shoes  look SO comfortable! The lighter the running shoes, the better it is for me! Since a lot of my work out gear is black, I know getting some black running shoes is needed! Plus, they don’t get dirty as fast!

#2. A great logo tank is always fun for workouts! Although I don’t wear Adidas often, I just had to include this item on the list because it’s just too awesome! If I get this tank, I have an excuse to buy Adidas running shoes!

#3. The Adidas linear leggings are currently out of stock but keep checking back to this link  to see if it comes back in stock! I thought it would look so cute to pair these up with number 2 to complete the look!

#4. The back to this Zella performance tank  is awesome! If you’re like me and like to run outside even when it’s Summer, this top is perfect for you! It has an opening to the back of the tank that allows air to come through which is always such a relief when your running in hot weather!

#5. These Zella high-waist leggings are perfect for Fall/Winter because it will help keep you warm on your way inside the gym or even if you’re outdoors running! I love the mesh cut-outs it contains that give it more of a fashionable look!

#6. I also fell in love with these Zella high-waist crop leggings because they are great for the beginning of Fall. You know, that time where it’s not that cold but it still feels good to go run outside! Just like the leggings in number 5, I think these are pretty fashionable as well!

#7. Since I do have a lot of work out gear that is black, it would be a good idea to put a little more color into my outfit by getting some white running shoes. Although I would honestly probably only wear these shoes as athleisure wear or maybe on a very dry day (so they won’t get too dirty)! I also believe they would look great with my Tory Sport leggings! Plus, during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, they’re less than $90!

#8. Zella is literally killing the fashionable workout wear game! How adorable are these leggings with the cutouts?! With these being less than $50, I am seriously considering getting these to wear on my runs!

#9. Life is all about balance so I decided to add this set of pajamas into the mix. I love pajama sets! I don’t know why, but they just make me feel put together, even though I’m just going to bed. It’s silly, I know. But they also look SO comfortable to sleep in!

#10. If you were to look into my wardrobe you would see that I have like 7 Nike tempo running shorts. They are just so comfortable to run in and they have lasted so long! I have had them for at least 5 years and the color still looks great with no rips or tears anywhere! So when I saw these Nike temp shorts as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I had to add them!

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Are there any accessories that you love to wear during the Fall/Winter Seasons? Leave a comment with your favorite Fall/Winter accessory staple! I hope you liked my picks! Now stop reading and get to shopping!

Much Love,