My Top 11 Favorites for Fall

Let’s be honest, the real reason why most of us are excited for Fall is because it’s an excuse to start throwing on comfy sweaters, cuddling, and to stay indoors to binge watch Gossip Girl. Okay, that may not be why you love Fall, but it is why I love Fall. And because it also means I can start making hot chocolate without getting a sideways look from Jesus questioning why I think it is a great idea to make hot chocolate in warm weather. Anyways, I have compiled a list of my top 11 favorites for Fall that I think you will love!

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My Top 11 Favorites for Fall

#1. Fall is all about layering! I say layering because if you live anywhere that has similar weather like Texas, you learn that you layer clothing in the morning to be able to take off top layers of clothing later in the afternoon. Lately it has felt like Fall in the morning, then like perfect Summer weather in the afternoon. So, with this awesome cardigan, you can easily take it off to accommodate the temperature! The cardigan also comes in 3 other colors if you don’t like the maroon color.

#2. Once the weather becomes more consistent, you’ll definitely want a sweater to wear. I love the neutral color this sweater comes in and it would look great with a scarf on the colder days. This sweater comes in 4 other colors if you think it’s too boring of a color.

#3. Alright y’all, I’m in sleeve heaven! The tie sleeves on this sweater are what drew me to this sweater in the first place and that’s probably why they made it onto my favorites for Fall list! Second thing that drew me in was this beautiful green color that the sweater comes in! I can already imagine paring my leopard heels with this sweater if I had it! If green isn’t your color, there are 7 other colors this sweater comes in, so pick your favorite and add it to your cart!

#4. So this sweater is a little more pricier than the others but it just looks SO comfy! Like the kind of comfy you put on when you’re about to go eat at a buffet dinner so that no one can see your food baby, comfy! Need I say more?

#5. Okay, here goes the splurge item. I bought these OTK boots during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I have been dying to wear them! They are the cutest OTK boots that I own! For all my Petite ladies, they fit so well!! Majority of OTK boots tend to hit a little higher than our knees, but these OTK boots are PERFECT! Plus, it’s almost Christmas. So I say put it on your Christmas wish list or just #treatyoself as an early Christmas present. I’m sure you’re significant other will understand once they see you in these!

#6. You know how excited I was about the first tie sleeve sweater? Well this sweater is very similar but $10 cheaper which is why it made the favorites for Fall list! It’s also a tie sleeve sweater and is long enough to wear as a tunic with tights underneath. Talk about comfort! Unfortunately the colors are very limited with this sweater but it you need a cute neutral sweater and you like the tie sleeve look, this one is great!

#7. Time to talk about jeans. A good pair of jeans can easily cost upwards of $100 and these jeans are less than $100! Lately, I’ve had a thing with jeans that have busted knees. I’ve been wanting jeans with busted knees that were in a dark wash AND that were affordable. So voila! I saw these jeans on one of my fave bloggers and immediately decided that these needed to be on my favorites for Fall list!

#8. Another obsession of mine is anything suede! This suede skirt is adorable and usually I don’t buy skirts but this one is too cute! I have already came up with so many cute outfits to pair this skirt up with. Plus, it would be perfect to wear with booties! Even though it is getting a little chillier, you can still wear skirts in the Fall during the day or on warmer Fall days.

#9. Can you guys believe I only have two pairs of booties? I have booties in a tan color that I wore in this Instagram post, and black booties that I rarely wear because it’s on a 4-inch thin heel. Needless to say, I need a pair of black booties that are more for every day wear and saw these! They look super comfortable because they’re on a low heel and are easy to style because of the color.

#10 & #11. I had to put another suede skirt on this favorites for Fall post because I really think suede skirts are perfect for Fall this year! Both number 10 and 11 are the same skirt but included both of them because I would totally purchase both colors!



I hope you found something you loved from my list! If there was one thing you could purchase from the list, which one would it be? Leave a comment below with your answer!

Much Love,