How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

I recently did a poll on my Instagram stories about whether or not you all would be interested in a post about the games my family played on Christmas day. Since majority of you voted ‘yes,’ I have put together this post on how to have a fun Christmas game day!

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

Have a Photo Booth

First off, even though it isn’t a game, it is ALWAYS fun to have a Photo Booth!

Making sure there is a photo booth at your Christmas Party will at least help with getting photos of your guests without actually having to take all of the pictures. I made this sign the day of, so it isn’t the prettiest. If you plan this party ahead of time, I highly recommend hitting up your local arts and crafts store (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or Joann’s) to create a better looking sign!

Thankfully, Jesus and I have extra rooms in our house that we don’t have much use for. We cleaned one of the rooms that was being used for storage to create a Photo Booth room. All we did was drape an old curtain we no longer use from IKEA, as the main back drop color. To add a more Christmas-feel to the back drop, I scavenged Target’s dollar section to find a cute garland. Unfortunately, the exact one I purchased cannot be found online but here’s an example of one you can use. Basically we just thumbtacked the garland to the wall, through the curtain. You can always find cute Christmas garlands if you look through Target’s dollar section starting in November and right up into Christmas Day to add to the back drop.

Lastly, it’s always fun to have a basket full of Christmas props. I believe we found the santa hat from Dollar Tree and thee lollipop from Target’s dollar section. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for these props. I made some of the props myself by going to a crafts store and buying sticks and poster boards to create little, cute signs that can be used as a prop!

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day
Sister and brother-in-law using the Photo Booth we created.

Play Games!

Since majority of my family are adults at this point and time, we wanted to have fun on Christmas day by playing games. Most of these games can be played by kids as well, it just depends on their age and coordination to be able to complete these games.

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

Game #1: Try Not to Sing or Dance

If you scroll on Facebook watching videos like I do frequently, then you have probably seen some videos on people who are playing a game where they have headphones in and have to watch music videos. The purpose of the game is to NOT sing, dance, tap, hum, or anything to the music. If they do, they lose that round.

After seeing these videos and how hard it is to not sing or dance to your favorite songs, I realized I wanted to do a game similar to this for Christmas. About a week before Christmas, I texted everyone I knew that would attend the party and had them send me their top three favorite songs without telling them anymore details. By doing this, you can ensure that there will be music that everyone at the party will enjoy.

This first game started once people entered the doors to my house. I placed the sign with the instructions and necklaces on the table near the entrance of my house so that they can stop and read the sign on how to play the first game. Of course, some people just skipped right past the sign and so I had them all go back and read it.

How we played my version of the game was similar to a common baby shower game. The baby shower game in which you wear a pin and if you say any terms like baby through out the party, you lose that pin. Then, at the end of the party whoever has the most pins, wins a prize. Instead of pins, we had necklaces that we bought from Dollar Tree and if you were playing the game, you had a necklace on. Through out the party, I played music on a large speaker so that the music can be heard everywhere. If anyone caught anyone else dancing, singing, humming, moving, etc. to the music, then they could steal their necklace. Let’s just say I was pretty horrible at this game! I think I lost within 30 minutes of turning the music on! The winner was the person who had the most necklaces before we played the final game.

Game #2Ping Pong Bounce

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

This game is similar to beer pong but there is no alcohol involved. Basically each person sets up 12 cups however they would like and they have to bounce a ping pong ball in one of their 12 cups in order to remove that cup. Whoever removes all 12 cups first, wins that round. Since some games were played in which only two people can play at one time, we had a tournament style bracket so that if you won, you moved onto the next round. To make it fair, all names were drawn to see who would go against one another each round. Just like in any kind of tournament, whoever one the championship round, won the entire game.

Game #3Keep It Up

This game was harder than I thought it would be. The starting line was one of our couches and the two people that were going against each other had to have both calves touching the couch. Once they were told to start, they had to blow the feather all the way to a table 12 feet away that had a basket (per person), and land the feather into the basket. So what’s so hard about that right? Well, you could ONLY blow the feather all the way over there and into the basket. No hands or other body parts could be used until the feather landed on the floor or the table and then at that point, the participant could pick up the feather with their hands, stand straight up, and begin attempting to blow the feather into the basket. Once again, this game was done in a tournament-style way and whoever won the championship round, won the entire game.

Game #4Yank Me

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

Yank me was a game that was somewhat hard as well. The game started with 5 plastic cups stacked on top of one another with playing cards in-between each one. We borrowed the playing cards from Jesus’ mom and they’re actually gigantic playing cards. Ideally, you can use index cards that are larger than normal index card size (3”x5″) but you have to make sure they aren’t too flimsy or else the cups won’t stay stacked on top of one another. To win the game, you have to stack all 5 plastic cups within each other by ONLY removing the cards that are in-between each cup, first. Let’s just say, a lot of cups fell. If you pulled the very top card out and the first two plastic cups stacked within each other but the rest of the tower fell, you would basically start off with the bottom three stacked with cards in-between and the top two would just be stacked without a card since the last move you made stacked them. This was another game in which only two people played at a time so it was done with brackets again.

Game #5Unboxing Fun

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

Once this game was about to start, that is when we stopped the Try not to sing or dance game. This game is always the most fun and craziest because this game has the best prize! (I’ll talk about prizes after this game in the last part of this post!) To play this game, all you have to do is put on the santa hat and oven mittens before you can start trying to open the present. In order for the next person (the person to the right of the one attempting to open the present) to get to try to open the present, they have to roll doubles on the dice. Once that person rolls doubles on the dice, the hat, mittens, and present gets passed to them. Once again, they have to have on the santa hat and the oven mittens on before they can attempt to unwrap the present. If they are trying to put all of these items on but the person to the right of them rolls double prior to them getting a chance, they still have to pass everything to that person.

I feel as though we have strict rules with this game as well. The way we play it, in order for you to attempt to open the box that the gift is in, all wrapping paper must be off of the box. You also cannot use your teeth or the surface of another item to open the box. The only thing you can use are your hands.

Since we played this game last year, I wanted to change it up. The previous year, we had only one box with multiple layers of wrapping paper on it to make it difficult. This year, we started off with unwrapping a larger box that needed to be opened, then there was a smaller box inside that also had wrapping paper on it. Once the second box was unwrapped and opened, there was a saran wrap ball in that one. The saran wrap ball had random candy in it and other cute things that my niece would like (erasers, stickers, christmas socks, etc.) since she didn’t get to play any of the games. In order to win the grand prize, you have to unravel the final prize from the saran wrap. So if the present is moved onto the next person and you still had one more layer to unravel, you are not the winner.

One thing I learned from this year’s Unboxing Fun game is that if I choose to do a saran wrap ball again, I need to not make it a consecutive roll of saran wrap. I say that because once my brother-in-law got the saran wrap ball into his hands, he literally unraveled the majority of it by just pulling the free end of the saran wrap as fast as he could. So if you decide to do a saran wrap ball, make sure to cut the saran wrap into multiple pieces so that one person cannot just unravel it very quickly.

I couldn’t figure out how to insert a video into this post so here is a link to the time-lapse video taken on my iPhone of this final game:

Unboxing Fun Time-lapse


How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

Lets be honest, everyone loves to win prizes. So if you’re worried that people won’t participate in the games you have put together, you can always have prizes to convince them to play!

Last year, I had the time to pick out thoughtful gifts but this year I didn’t have any time for that so I mostly purchased gift cards. For the first four games, I wrapped the prizes up and had tags on them that either had riddles or quotes to help you figure out what could possibly be in the box without out-right telling you what’s in it. An example of this is in the picture above. If you are a fan of Target, then you would probably know that the saying was referencing Target. If you won a game, then you were able to choose a prize by reading the tags and unwrapping that gift right after you won. We have rules in which if you already won a game (that is not the grand prize game) then you cannot win another time but you can choose another person to choose a gift that they can keep. Another rule we had with the prizes was that if you won the second game and unwrapped that prize but liked the prize that the first person opened, then you could steal their gift. You do not get a second chance to open another unwrapped game, you can only steal what gift has already been opened.

Here is a list of the prizes of the first four games we had this year:

1. $50 Target Gift Card

2. $50 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card

3. $50 Half Price Bookstore Gift Card

4. Kate Spade Purse

For the grand prize, which is won by winning the final game (Unboxing Fun), I put a $100 in the center of the saran wrap ball this year. Last year, it was also $100 but it was inside one of the boxes.

It doesn’t matter what kind of prizes you have, it’s just fun to win in general! Just look how much fun my brother-in-law was having (below) and he wasn’t even playing this round!

How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day

Although this post is titled How to Have a Fun Christmas Game Day, you can play these games for ANY occasion!  There is honestly nothing Christmas-like about these games but they are still so much fun to play during Christmas. You can play these games during New Years Eve, birthdays,or just normal game nights with friends. I hope you can get some fun ideas for any get together you may have! Which game do you think would be the most fun to play? Let me know in the comments below!

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