Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

So far, this holiday gift guide for the beauty lover post was the easiest one for me to put together. There were so many awesome products that I have discovered and/or heard such great things about this year! I hope you find some great gifts to give from this post! Just so you know, this post is divided into four different price categories: Less than $20, Gifts between $20 – $40, Gifts between $40-$50, and more than $50.

**Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

Less than $20

Since these items are less than $20, I would also consider this my ‘Stocking Stuffer’ list. All of these items are small enough to fit into a stocking but are great items that beauty lovers will enjoy seeing in their stockings!

    1. HASK dry shampoo – If I saw this dry shampoo in my stocking, I would be elated! This is by far the cheapest dry shampoo that actually works and I love it! I actually did a review on a dry shampoo by the same brand on this post.
    2. Makeup Brush Cleaner Pad – I actually just learned this year that you are supposed to wash your makeup brushes. So, I think this makeup brush cleaner pad is a great gift because it makes it easier to wash your brushes with!
    3. Traceless Hair Ring I’ve heard such great things from one of my favorite bloggers (Emily Ann Gemma) about these hair ties that don’t leave an indent in your hair. This gift would be great for the girls who don’t wash their hair everyday and want to keep their curls for more than one day. They can wear these to put their hair up in a bun and sleep in so that the curls don’t fall and it won’t leave an indent.
    4. SuperStay Matte Ink – These lipsticks by Maybelline are amazing, y’all! They last for hours! Seriously, like 16 hours long! And they come in so many different shades. Plus, they’re pretty cheap compared to other lipsticks that last as long!
    5. Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes – I use these wipes to take off my makeup when ever I wear makeup and it works amazing! It takes everything off and it is so much easier to pull a wipe out instead of getting your entire face under a faucet! You’re beauty lover will enjoy these cleansing wipes if she doesn’t already use them!
    6. Striped Makeup Bag – Alright, this is technically a pencil bag but you can use it as a makeup bag. It would actually fit a good amount of beauty products and the stripes just make it that much cuter!

Gifts Between $20 – $40

    1. Invisible Oil – I love this heat protectant oil by Bumble & Bumble because it helps to prevent heat damage and does wonders to the frizz in my hair! After I curl my hair, I apply   this to the ends to help tame  the frizz. It can also be used before heat styling.
    2. Luxe Makeup Bag –  The sparkle this makeup bag is perfect for the beauty lover to hold of their beauty products! Plus, how can you not like all the sparkle?
    3. Invisible Oil Primer – Bumble & Bumble’s Invisible Oil Primer is another product that I love by them! Before I curl my hair or straighten it, I apply this primer on it and it keeps my hair slick and frizz-less! Their products are honestly so great and any beauty lover would love to have this!
    4. Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer – Yeap, you read that right. Pore. Minimizing. My pores are big (I know, gross) but this primer has made my pores seem smaller and really helps to keep my foundation on longer. I would highly recommend gifting this product to your beauty lover!
    5. Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme – Now, this lipstick doesn’t last as long as the lipstick from the ‘Less than $20’ category, but it is more moisturizing and SO easy to apply. The colors it comes in are also VERY pretty! I tend to alternate between this lipstick and the one from above.
    6. OPI Nail Mini Set – How cute is this nail polish set by OPI? I love the nail polishes that OPI comes out with and I love the fact that they sell gift sets like this one! This is something I would definitely love to get for Christmas because it will be used all the time!

Gifts Between $40-$50

  1. Origins Bestsellers Gift Set – Although I don’t own any Origins products, I’ve always heard great things about them. This gift set would be great for someone wanting to try out their products but doesn’t know what products they would want from them. With this gift set, they are able to try out a variety of their products!
  2. Pro Contour PaletteIf you are minimal makeup wearer like me, then this contour palette is great for you. It has great shades for contouring and highlighting and I have been using the same palette for over a year now!
  3. Beauty Blender SetSome women apply makeup with beauty blenders. To be honest, I haven’t learned how to apply makeup with one. I’ve tried and failed miserably so I’ll leave those to whomever knows how, to use them. If you know someone that uses these for applying makeup, I’m sure they would love to have extras!
  4. Volume Powder SprayThis is another item that I’ve never tried but it’s a product that Emily Ann Gemma swears by. And I trust anything she says because her hair always has SO much volume! This will probably be the next volume powder I try because I’ve been needing some extra volume lately.
  5. Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow PaletteAnother item that I heard amazing things about is this eye shadow palette. Putting on eye shadow is another thing I really need to work on and since I haven’t mastered it yet, I’m saving my money until I have it down before I spend on an eye shadow palette. If you know someone who loves to wear eye shadow, this product would be perfect for them!
  6. Dry Texturizing Spray – This dry texturizing spray is more on the higher end of cost but I’ve heard awesome things about it a well. If you have someone on your list to buy a gift for, who loves to curl their hair, this spray is perfect for them. I’ve heard that it helps to give curls more texture and that it helps for the curls to hold longer as well!

    More than $50

  7. Power Fabric Foundation – This is seriously my favorite foundation! I was given it from Influenster to try out and I fell in love with it the second I used it. If anyone is looking for a new foundation to try, I highly recommend this one!
  8. Supermud Mask – If you are looking to buy a gift for a mask lover, this super mud mask by GlamGlow is amazing! I actually just finished my container recently and will be going back to purchase another one!
  9. GlamGlow Gift Set – Sometimes you’re not sure what to get somebody for Christmas and that’s okay. This GlamGlow gift set is perfect if you cannot decide on one gift. This set gives them the ability to try different products by GlamGlow!
  10. Tory Burch Perfume – Love, love, love this perfume by Tory Burch. I know what you’re thinking, I’m obsessed with TB, of course I’m going to love it. But seriously, it’s amazing!
  11. Slip Pillow Case – Here is another item that I heard is amazing and that I want SO bad. So what makes this pillow case so special? Apparently it helps to prevent indents in your hair especially if your trying to make curls last for days. Plus, it’s also great for your skin!
  12. T3 Curling Wand – Last but definitely not least, is this amazing curling wand that I LOVE! It is the only curling wand/device that actually holds my curls. It even comes with different sized barrels you can switch out to get different types of curls. It’s an investment but it works amazingly!


Hopefully you found some great gifts that you can gift to your beauty lover or even for yourself! Which item would you want to receive as a gift for Christmas?

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