Holiday Gift Guide for the Athletic Woman

With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to help give you guys some gift giving ideas. This post is a gift guide for the athletic woman and it contain gifts at three different price points – less than $50, less than $100, and more than $100.

**Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended.

Gift Guide for the Athletic Woman - less than 50

Holiday Gift Guide for the Athletic Woman

Less than $50

1. ‘After This We’re Getting Pizza’ Exercise Mat – We all know that women exercise just so that they can eat all the pizza afterwards so why not get her an exercise mat that literally screams it?

2. Metallic Duffle Gym Bag – How cute is this duffle gym bag? The phrase on it is awesome and it’s a beautiful shiny color! You know she’ll love this gym bag because it can hold everything she needs to take with her to the gym!

3. Red Tri-blend Headband – If you’re girl friend, significant other, mom, sister, or whomever, is complaining about always getting a crease in their hair from a headband, this headband will fix just that. This headband is machine washable and won’t leave a crease on your hair from wearing it! I actually have it in 3 colors because it’s that awesome! So, it’s a win-win situation. If you get this headband for her, you won’t hear her complain about creased exercise hair ever again.

4. Navy Geo Athletic Headband – This headband is also made from the same brand as #3. I thought the pattern on it was cool and this headband is actually made from a different material! What is great about the brand that makes these products is that they actually give 50% of their proceeds to their nonprofit partners. So no matter what, you are doing a great thing by gifting these headbands!

5. Ombre Water Bottle – To be honest, I’m not a fan of water bottles that you reuse, but some people are. If you notice she carries around a reusable water bottle with her to go work out, I think this Ombre water bottle would be a great gift! I mean, if I used reusable water bottles, I would totally get this one! The ombre is just pretty and I love the girly look it has. Most water bottles are very boring but this one isn’t!

6. Dry Tempo Running Shorts – These are my FAVORITE running shorts ever. Like ever. They are super comfortable and come in so many colors! If I’m not wearing tights to go run in, I am usually wearing these! Oh, and they last forever! I’ve had mine for like 6 or 7 years now! Trust me, she’ll love these!

Less than $100

1. 520 Sneakers – I actually own these sneakers but in all black with a slight hint of gold. When I saw the rose gold colors in these sneakers, I knew it was going to be on this gift guide! A lot of girls are loving the rose gold color right now and I’m pretty sure if you gift these sneakers, she’ll love them! If you don’t think she would be into the black color, there is also another color available. They do run a little big so I would go a size down.

2. Fleece Jacket – There is nothing better than being able to get into a warm jacket after a workout. And with the weather getting colder, it’s always good to have a jacket in hand for the walk outside to the car! This jacket is like wearing a nice, warm blanket!

3. Varsity Duffle Bag – Here’s another duffle bag that I thought was pretty cute. Once again it’s perfect for her to put all of her stuff in so that she can have everything she needs with her at the gym. The brand is actually Spiritual Gangster, but I thought it was a cute phrase too!

4. Half-zip Long Sleeve Top – Fall is already here and Winter is soon to come. This long sleeve top by Nike is perfect for the girl who likes to take the exercising outside. I’m one of those girls that just doesn’t like to work out inside. I would much rather go for a run in cold weather then run on a treadmill. If she is anything like that, she would appreciate you for this work out top!

5. Zella Pants – Let’s talk post workout. After an awesome workout, everyone feels great that they went and did it. But, most of us are usually starting to feel sore and would want to put on a comfy pair of pants to lounge in. Low and behold, these pants. Don’t they look super comfortable? I could totally see myself wearing these all the time. She just might too!

6. Patagonia Sweater – I own this sweater and I literally live in it in Fall/Winter. It is so cozy! If your girl doesn’t like zip sweaters like the one mentioned earlier, this one is a perfect sweater to gift instead! Want to see the sweater on? I have it on in this Instagram photo.

More than $100

1. Chevron Leggings – I have fallen in love with Tory Burch’s Tory Sport activewear line. First off, the work out wear is super cute! Second, these chevron leggings make you look good. I’m not kidding! I don’t know what they did to these leggings but it literally packs everything in and lifts. Yasss, lifts! Every time I wear it, I always get a compliment from Jesus about how good my butt looks in it. Another thing, they are also THE SOFTEST leggings I’ve ever worn. I can wear these all day, every day if it wouldn’t be an issue. They’re that soft! So if you love your girl and want her to feel comfortable all the time, get these for her and she will definitely thank you for them!

2. Powerbeats 3 – If your girl is someone that works out very often and doesn’t have wireless head phones, you should definitely get these for her. It is so annoying to work out and have to hold your phone the entire time because the headphone cable isn’t long enough for you to stick your phone into your pocket and listen to music at the same time. Just plain annoying! So if she doesn’t have these, get them for her! Just remember to thank me later!

3. Apple Watch Series 3 – This one is a costly one but can make your girl so happy. If she likes to workout, this watch will help to track so many things while she works out. It’s a heart rate monitor, it can track the distance she ran, and so much more! Although this one connects to the phone via bluetooth (so she’ll have to keep the iPhone within close distance), she can still use it on runs. She just has to keep her phone in her pocket. Either way, it’ll be perfect for her workouts!

4. Patagonia Vest – This patagonia vest is very versatile. She can throw it on to keep herself warm during a workout in cool weather, or she can wear it with casual clothes! Either way, you know she’ll be getting good use out of it!

5. All-Weather Run Jacket – I had to put another item from Tory Sport on here! This running jacket is perfect for those outside runners. This jacket is waterproof and wind resistant so she can always exercise! Plus, if you get her the chevron leggings, she will look very cute with her matching jacket!

Another gift you can consider giving (if you live in Dallas) is a class pass. This class pass allows someone to visit multiple gyms and studios for a single price per month. If your girl doesn’t like to just stick to one gym at a time, this one would be great for her!

I hope I was able to give you some gift giving ideas! If you weren’t shopping for someone else, which one would you want and why? I’d love to hear about it! Also, please let me know if you use any of these ideas to gift! I love to hear that I have helped someone!

Much Love,