Holiday Gift Guide for the Athletic Man

I don’t know about you, but I think guys are pretty hard to shop for. If you have a guy in your life that is athletic and loves to exercise, but you don’t know what to get him for Christmas, then I’m hoping this gift guide for the athletic man will help!

I divided this post into two categories of cost – Less than $60 and more than $60.

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Athletic Man

Holiday Gift Guide for the Athletic Man

Less than $60

    1. Adidas Graphic Tee – Most guys like a cool tee that they can just throw on especially after exercising. This Adidas graphic tee is a good stocking stuffer gift for your guy and I’m sure he’ll appreciate that it’s a nice, simple shirt.
    2. Adidas Track Pants – If you get the graphic tee above, you might as well get the matching track pants. If you don’t have a guy that knows about fashion (or matching) then they may need some extra help with putting an outfit together. Getting the matching track pants will clear your worries of him leaving the house with unmatching clothes, or at least I hope it will.
    3. Running Armband – If you’ve got a runner on your hands, then they will enjoy this new running armband for the iPhone X. If he’s one of the lucky ones that got the new iPhone, then he’ll definitely need an arm band to fit his phone when he goes on runs!
    4. Training Hoodie – With the weather getting colder and colder as Winter approaches, a long sleeve training hoodie is a perfect gift. I know that my fiancé loves hoodies and would enjoy having this top for a run! This top also comes in other colors!
    5. Beanie – Us girls are lucky to have a good amount of hair on the top of our heads. Guys on the other hand, don’t have much so they need extra warmth on their head during the colder times of the year. This beanie would help to keep your guy’s head warm, whether it be on a run outside, or during the walk to the gym from the car.
    6. Nike Long-sleeve Top – You can never have too many exercise tops, amiright?! I’m pretty sure he thinks the same so you might a well gift him another top that he can use to exercise in. Plus, this one is light weight and long-sleeved! It also comes in multiple colors!
    7. UA Cold Gear Top – Everytime I had a soccer game and it was 50 degrees or less, I would always wear an Under Armour long-sleeve top underneath my jersey and it would always do a great job keeping me warm. This UA Cold Gear top would be great for your man to put on underneath his normal running t-shirt to keep warm outside in the cold!
    8. Nike TightsYes, guys wear tights too. Except they tend to wear them under their shorts, and we wear them as pants. If your guys is an athletic one, he will enjoy having these tights to wear underneath shorts to keep warm!
    9. Nike Backpack – Guys also need something to carry their stuff in while they are heading out to exercise. This backpack is great to gift so that they have something to use. Most guys don’t carry as much stuff that girls do in their bags, so this backpack on the smaller end should still hold everything they need!

More Than $60

    1. Nike Free Run 2017 Running Shoes – Your guy will thank you for a new pair of running shoes because there’s nothing like that feeling you get when you get to run in a new pair of shoes! So make sure you grab these for him!
    2. Adidas Hoodie – This Adidas hoodie will be nice to throw on in-between a workout and on the way to the car. Plus, it’ll match with all the other Adidas gear in this post!
    3. Jogger pants – We’re not the only ones that get excited about lounge wear after exercise. Grabbing these jogger pants for your guy will have him thanking you because he is going to enjoy lounging in them!
    4. Apple Watch Series 3 – I had to add this Apple watch to this gift guide for the athletic man as well. I added this watch to this post first but I knew it would be making it to this list as well. Although this watch is a splurge, he will really enjoy it to track all of his workout and all the other amazing things it does!
    5. Windrunner Colorblock Jacket – This colorblock jacket is light enough to wear on a run but warm enough that you won’t be too cold on your run. Plus, its the perfect wind breaker! Your guy will look great in this jacket while working out!
    6. Patagonia Sweater – Let’s face it, I’m slightly obsessed with Patagonia and that is why this sweater made it to the gift guide for the athletic man. I actually got this sweater for Jesus last year and he loves it! It’s not a jacket to wear while he exercises, but it will keep him very warm in the Winter while he is walking to and from the car to the gym.
    7. PowerBeats 3 – I’m not sure if Jesus owns these headphones specifically, but he owns a pair of Dr. Dre’s wireless beats and he loves it for runs! They’re actually perfect for any type of exercise and makes working out better since their isn’t an annoying wire keeping you attached to your phone. This is another splurge item but your guy will owe you for this one!
    8. Free RN 2017 Shield iD Running Shoes – If you are wanting to get your guy some new running shoes but don’t like the colors that are typically sold in that style, these shoes are customizable! You can create a running shoe in the same style but with what ever colors you think your man would rather like. There is nothing like custom-made shoes to show your love!

Did you find anything to gift to your guy? I hope you did! Please let me know what your favorite item is from this post! Also, if you need a Gift Guide for the Athletic Woman, make sure you check out this post!

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