Holiday Gift Guide for the Accessory Lover

Lately, I have realized that accessories can really change an outfit even if you are reusing the same pieces. Accessories are also a lot cheaper than buying new clothing items so I enjoy buying accessories to give an old outfit some newness to it! If you know someone who loves to wear accessories but don’t know what to get them, this holiday gift guide for the accessory lover should give you some great gift-giving ideas!

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Accessory Lover

Holiday Gift Guide for the Accessory Lover

Less than $20

Tassel Drop Earrings with Knot – These beauties will look great paired up with any outfit! I love the cobalt blue color it comes in!

2. Faux Furr & Faux Leather Ear Muffs – The cutest way to keep those ears warm are with these faux furr ear muffs! Don’t you agree?

3. Navy/Burgundy Plaid ScarfThis won’t be the first scarf you see on this gift guide for the accessory lover, but I can assure you it’s one of the cheapest! This scarf is perfect for the Winter season coming up!

4. Pom Pom Knit Beanie – Regular, old beanies are so unfashionable. Help to keep your loved one’s head warm, and still cute-looking with this adorable beanie!

5. Gray/Black Plaid Scarf – Here’s another cute scarf that can go with so many outfits and is priced SO well!

6. Chubby Tassel Drop Earrings – Gifting to a tassel obsessed girl but don’t want to spend more than $20? These pair of earrings will be perfect!

7. Gray/White Plaid Scarf – I forgot to mention that I am obsessed with plaid scarves and that you would be seeing probably one too many on this gift guide for the accessory lover. Either way, if you have a scarf lover to gift to, just get her all of them!

8. Faux Furr Stole – Y’all, this is the cheapest faux furr stole I’ve ever seen. They don’t come this cheap. So if your girl has always wanted one, surprise her with this!

9. Navy Plaid Scarf – Because no girl could ever have too many plaid scarves.

Less than $100

1. Leopard Print Pouch – Pouch. Clutch. Whatever you want to call it. If you know your accessory lover loves the leopard print, I promise you’ll win her with this clutch!

2. Mini Ice Ring Bracelet – A dainty bracelet is great for the accessory lover! This cute, little bracelet adds a nice amount of jewelry without going overboard. It can also be used to layer with other bracelets!

3. Layered Y-Chain Necklace – Layered necklaces are so in right now and your girl will want in on it as well!

4. Metallic Round Sunglasses – These sunglasses look like they’re designer but they’re not. And the priced certainly reflects that! If your girl has been wanting new sunnies but you don’t have a lot of money to spend on some, these are super adorable!

5. Plaid Infinity Scarf – And just when you thought you got away from all the plaid scarves, I added yet another one. If your accessory lover is picky on where she gets her scarves from, she’ll love this scarf by LOFT!

6. Gemma Layered Necklace – Here’s another layered necklace that I’m sure she’ll love!

7. Buffalo Plaid Wrap – One of the easiest ways to change an outfit is with a wrap that you can throw on over it. This is one of those gifts that you gift but you also get for yourself!

8. Tassel Gift Earring Set – These tassel earrings cost a lot on their own so the fact that ALL of these tassel earrings are priced so low for so many of them is amazing! If you don’t gift this to your accessory lover than I’m not even sure if you really know her.

9. Suede Crossbody – The fact that this suede cross body bag by Rebecca Minkoff is less than $100 should prove to you that you need to gift this ASAP. Any accessory lover would love this crossbody!

More than $100

1. Gemini Link Tote – The colors on this tote are so vibrant and will make any outfit pop! If you’re accessory lover enjoys vibrant colors, this tote is for her!

2. Genice Sunglasses – These sunglasses seriously give such a cute feminine look! Your girl will LOVE these especially if she is a sunnies girl!

3. Fleming Convertible Shoulder Bag – If you’re looking for a designer bag that you can buy your accessory lover but don’t know which one to get. I highly recommend this purse! It will go with EVERYTHING!

4. Rose Park Row Watch – I’m pretty positive that your trendy accessory lover is rose gold obsessed so this watch from Kate Spade is one of the best things you can get her!

5. Hardware Bow Tech Glove – What’s better than cute gloves to wear when its too cold out? A pair of gloves that looks cute AND doesn’t require you to take them off to use your touch-screen phone!

6. Brooke Shoulder Bag – This Tory Burch made shoulder bag will be loved by any accessory lover!

7. Velvet Purse – Velvet lovers will rejoice when they see this purse as a present! And once again, the black color that it comes in will go with all their outfits!

I hope this gift guide for the accessory lover helped you to decide on some gifts for whomever you’re buying presents for. If I gave you any ideas on what to buy someone I would love to hear about it in the comments below! It feels good to hear back that what I am doing is helping others with ideas whether it be for gifting or outfit inspiration!

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