Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

If you’ve been following my blog, you would remember that I first mentioned Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck in my post here. Thankfully, Jesus did allow me to bring our camera to the anniversary dinner so I was able to take some pictures for you so that I could do this review on the restaurant!

Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

If you don’t feel like reading my post about our anniversary tradition post linked above, Jesus and I go to Five Sixty every year for our anniversary dinner. It’s part of our tradition that we started about 4 years ago.

So what is Five Sixty? It is a restaurant that serves Asian dishes in the infamous Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas. At Five Sixty, you dine on the fiftieth floor of this iconic landmark where the best views of Dallas are and where the food is outstanding!

Whether your visiting the observation deck or eating at Five Sixty, you have to pay for parking. We’ve learned that it is just easier to do Valet parking at the entrance of the Reunion Tower and since you’ll be dining at Five Sixty, it will only be a $5 charge for valet. The first year we came to Five Sixty, we parked in the guest parking lot south of the tower, and let’s just say, it was a long walk in heels. From then on, we have always paid the $5 for valet. Trust me, it’s better and cheaper!

The View

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

Didn’t I say the view is amazing from Five Sixty? You should see it at night, when the lights to the Dallas skyline are on! It is even more astounding.

Since we’ve been to Five Sixty multiple times, we knew the best time to make our reservation in mid-April was at 6:00 PM. Around this time of year, the sun tends to set around 7:00 PM and we love to watch the sun set while we dine. The view itself is worthy of a dinner date here!


To eat at Five Sixty, you have to have a reservation. We always reserve our anniversary dinner through OpenTable at least 2 months before because they will start to fill-up and you will no longer have the date or time you wanted. So remember to reserve early! Also, while you’re online reserving your dinner, you can place requests if you have any. Every year, we sat away from the window and we always tell one another that “Next time, we’ll request a window table.” Unfortunately, we usually forget to place our request, but this year, Jesus asked for a window table and he specifically asked for a booth.

The Dining Experience

Before you are allowed to head up to the restaurant, you check-in at a stand and the employee will check you in then direct you to the elevators. The elevator ride is also very scenic and you are able to look out the back end of the elevator where you are viewing the northwestern side of Dallas.

When we arrived to the restaurant this year, we were actually 20 minutes early. We approached the hostess and she immediately sat us at a booth near the window. We’ve never had to wait for our table at Five Sixty and we were pleased to have gotten what we requested.

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

The waiter almost immediately comes by the table once you’re seated and you are poured a glass of cold water. Our waiter, though I don’t remember his name, was great, as they always are! There is also more staff that you come across while dining at Five Sixty. For instance, there is someone that comes and refills your water anytime it looks like you make a dent in it so you ALWAYS have water available in your cup! Also, for dessert, we had a different individual bring it out to us. I can’t remember if that occurs every time or if our waiter was busy.

Through out the entire time we dined, we felt as though our waiter stopped by to check-in on us at appropriate times and we never felt annoyed. I sometimes find waiters annoying when they constantly come by every 5 minutes asking if everything is okay.

If you’ve never been to Five Sixty, the waiters are always well-educated on what is on the menu and will recommend plates or inform you of great choices to pick!

Now onto my favorite part.

Food & Drinks

Humans are creatures of habit, right? So every time we come to Five Sixty, we tend to get the same food every time. Our choice for what appetizer to get, was no different.


Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine is. This appetizer is called Pork Belly Pot Stickers and it’s obviously pork. The moment the Pork Belly Pot Stickers hits your mouth, your mouth is bursting with flavors. The way they pair up the pork and sauce, with the asian buns, makes the dish have just the right amount of taste. It isn’t overwhelming and not anywhere near bland. I nearly gobbled these down in a couple of minutes because they’re just THAT good!


I always get the same drink every single time I come here. Jesus on the other hand is more adventurous and veered away from his usual Jack and Coke. Unfortunately, he enjoyed his Monroe Passion drink way too much that I wasn’t able to get a picture of his.

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

This beautiful concoction is called Pepino’s Revenge. BTW, how cute is that name?! This is my go-to drink at Five Sixty and I have my reasons! For instance, it has a beautiful presentation. Secondly, it has my favorite alcohol in it – Patron Silver Tequila. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for Tequila. The combination of the lime, basil, cucumbers, simple syrup, and Patron Silver Tequila is amazing! If you love tequila like me, I highly recommend you grab this drink!


When we dine here, Jesus usually gets the Crispy Quail but this time he decided to try the Honey Glazed Pork Chop.

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

Jesus loves the Crispy Quail. So I was surprised when he told me that the Honey Glazed Pork Chop was even better! He literally downed the entire plate in like 10 minutes! He loved it that much! Jesus even loved the sauce that came with it and drenched the pork slices in it!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s my motto when it comes to food.

I went for the usual that I get and love! I ordered the Lacquered Chinese Duckling.

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

The first time I ordered the Lacquered Chinese Duckling, I was a little skeptical. I never had duckling before and all I could think was – oh no! They killed a baby duck to make me this plate! After I took my first bite, all worries were behind me and I was in food heaven.

The Lacquered Chinese Duckling tasted like the best chicken you’ve ever had, but better! The plum wine sauce that comes with it, makes it so flavorful and is sweet! The duckling is also so soft and moist, which I loved!

My plate also came with a side, which I think is the best lo-mein in Dallas.

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

The way the chef pairs the duckling with the noodles is such a great choice on his part! The flavors compliment each other so well! So if you like the taste of chicken with a twist of sweetness, the Lacquered Chinese Duckling would be a great choice for you!


When Jesus made our reservations, he let the restaurant know that we were celebrating our anniversary. So when the dessert came out, it had the words “Happy Anniversary” written on it  in chocolate!

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

As you can probably tell from the pictures, we LOVED the Flourless Chocolate Cake! It was gone within seconds and what’s great about it is, it’s flourless! I would have never thought that a cake this good would not have any flour in it! It came with a little scoop of milk chocolate caramel ice-cream which is to die for! You honestly would have to try it out yourself. There are no words to describe how great this dessert is!

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

Five Sixty by Wolf Gang Puck

Does Five Sixty looks like a place you would like to try? Have you been there before? If so, how was your experience? I would love to hear your opinions!

Much Love,


P.S. My outfit in the pictures is shoppable on this post!