Disclosure & Privacy Policy


The FTC requires bloggers and anyone who chooses to monetize off their websites to disclose that an item was received complimentary or for free in return for whatever the company asks for.

As the creator of Irresistibly Petite, I would like to disclose that some posts may contain affiliate links where I am able to monetize off your clicks or purchases through my links. My thoughts and opinions are always my own no matter if I received the product for free or at a discount.

If I do receive a product for free or complimentary, I will disclose it in the post itself.

I am also in no way, an expert in any of the products or services I write about and I am writing about these products because I think they are worthy to be posted on my blog. I will also write a review about my honest experiences that I encounter with theses products whether they are positive or negative.

Privacy Policy

This blog does not share your personal information with third parties about your visit to this blog  other than to analyze your experience through the use of cookies. These settings of these cookies can always be changed through your personal browser.

If content is published from this blog without our permission, we are not responsible or it.


If you have any questions regarding the Disclosure or Privacy Policy, please email me at: irresistiblypetite@irresistiblypetite.com